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Hot Hotels in Florence you should know about

The former beating heart of Renaissance Italy will not fail to impress with its art, architecture and flamboyance. Gaze in awe at Brunelleschi’s dome and the Basilica di Santa Croce, walk the banks of the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio, explore the delights of the Uffizi and Academia and don’t forget that this is also designer shopping heaven and home to the likes of Gucci and Ferragamo.

This is a proud, exciting city where life is to be enjoyed; relax in the late afternoon with an aperitivo, dine on the finest rustic Tuscan food, taste your way around some superb chiantis and relish life the Florentine way. Oh, and sleep somewhere amazing. Here are our hottest Florentine boutique hotels. Continue reading


Stay of the week: Monteverdi, Tuscany

In a snapshot: A medieval hilltop village where history and contemporary, glamorous and rustic meet to create a unique cultural experience.

It’s something many of us have dreamt of, and perhaps something not many have done.  Which is: whilst on holiday (in this case Tuscany in Italy), fallen in love with the landscape, the food and people and thought, “let’s buy a property Continue reading

Time for a soak: our top pick of the bathrooms

For us it’s a deal-breaker – in fact, tell you a secret, we’re a little bit obsessive about bathrooms, and for sure this Pootler raves about a place when a closer inspection reveals the absence of scales and instead the presence of thick, big fluffy towels and organic smellies.  So here we go, our view of the Best Bathrooms Continue reading

Top 10 Pools with Hot Views

Every now and then we turn a corner and wow, our mouths drop open and then a huge, whopping smile takes over and we give our heads a little shake of wonder.  These are the stuff of legendary holidays, of lounging and sun-cream, of curling sun-baked books and stone slabs that get too hot to walk on, of the splish and splash Continue reading