Our hotels

All our hotels are measured against strict criteria. They must offer luxury that is individual and personal, service must be of the highest quality, there must be plenty of character and soul and of course an inspiring destination is mandatory.  Location, architecture or design, personality and soul, together all these elements will combine for a unique and memorable stay. And while we’re here, just to say what they won’t be… they won’t be part of a chain, there will be no bling in sight, there will be no floral bedspreads matching with the curtains, there will be no room views of multistory car-parks and there won’t be breakfasts with soggy toast, gloopy eggs & cold tea.

Our on line booking facility allows you to talk directly to the hotels and we guarantee that you won’t find a better price by contacting the hotel directly, all helps to make the planning and organization easy and painless, leaving you more time to dream…

Come & pootle with us!


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