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28 Essential Things to do in Florence

This Renaissance rich city never fails to impress us with its art, architecture and sheer flamboyance.

Here are our 28 must not miss essential tips!

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The Best 42 Travel Tips You’ll Ever Need

Being on holiday is exciting. Getting there – packing, beating jetlag, dealing with a new language and new currency can all be pretty daunting – so bust your stress levels with our best ever, we even dare to say the most awesome set of travel tips you’ll ever need and which will help to get you on your way.

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Get upgraded to First Class – for FREE!!

Ever walked onto a plane and walked the aisle of envy as you pass those large reclining seats – which fold out into, let’s say it, FULL SIZE BEDS – huge TVs, little drawers and cupboards for all those little personal thingies that you need to stash and not lose, not to mention actual, real “metal clunking on china” knives and forks. Getting onto a plane and turning left, not right can be the biggest adrenaline kick you’ve had in a long time, and here are our tips to being bumped up to First Class – and not paying for it! Continue reading

Our Ultimate Guide to Marrakech

Whether circling the Koutoubia (“bookseller”) Mosque, getting happily lost in the souks, brushing up on Islamic scriptures at the Ben Youssef Medusa or heading down into the Saadian Tombs, Marrakech is a exotic, fascinating, magical city.

Here are our top 12 tips to help you immerse yourself fully……

  • The Saadian Tombs.  Discovered by accident in 1917 these tombs date back to the late 16th century. There are more than 60 beautifully restored sarcophagi in two mausoleums spectacularly displayed with zellij tiles and carved stucco on the walls and supported with pillars of marble – which it is said, the Saadians traded sugar for, weight for weight.
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What you need to check when choosing a family friendly hotel

When you’re away with kids you’ll bound to be spending a lot of time in your hotel room. It becomes the family hub with visits back, sometimes incredibly just minutes apart for another item of clothing, a snack or a favourite teddy, you might be returning during the day for nap time or just some time to relax. So what makes a hotel family friendly at any budget level? Here’s what we look for and the questions we ask:

Choose a hotel that specifically states it caters for families and children. If your toddler throws a tantrum or you need warm milk at the end of the day, you’ll be far more relaxed if you’re staying in a hotel that makes you and your kids feel welcome. Continue reading

What to pack for a family holiday

Sometimes the thought of packing everything for your impending family holiday can be quite daunting. The list of stuff that is needed just keeps on growing and at the same time, the size of your suitcase seems to shrink in front of your very eyes. So here are our recommendations on what to pack for a successful family holiday.

• Find out what weight restrictions apply to luggage. Most airlines will take a buggy and car seat with no charge but do you know how many bags can you check in or their maximum weight – and how about the number and size of hand luggage pieces. Once you know, stick to the limit as going over it can be expensive. Continue reading

5 tips for preparing for a family holiday

You’ve researched your destination, booked your flight, found your family friendly hotel and have an itinerary the size of a small novel. Hooray, it’s time to go on holiday! Hang on, not so fast. Even a well-planned family trip can hit some unexpected roadblocks along the way so here are our tips to try and avoid those stressful situations that crop up, often entirely unannounced. Continue reading