Hotels with Amazing Infinity Pools

There is nothing quite like lazing in a stunning infinity pool to make you feel that you booked the right place to stay. These sparkling pools that seem to disappear into blue oceans give hotels an unspeakable luxe factor and here are our top 5, they are spectacular. Enjoy 🙂

Top 5 Hotels with Amazing Infinity Pools

The Grace, Santorini
You’ll find the Grace carved from the cliff top in the picture-perfect Greek island village of Imerovigli where traditional white houses tumble down the hillside. It’s a world of chic, minimalist style and home to a spectacular infinity pool offering incredible views of the sparkling blue Aegean and breathtaking sunsets.
Grace Hotel Santorini

Pretty Beach House, Sydney
The ultimate luxury Aussie hideaway tucked amongst the blue gums, mixing uber deluxe with laid back beach house style. Spend your days floating in the pool overlooking Pretty Beach and listen to the kookaburras. Spend the rest of your time in the hands of round-the-clock attentive service, enjoying Michelin starred dining and lazy therapeutic spa sessions.

Pretty Beach House Pool Deck

Pretty Beach House Pool Deck

Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos
Designed along the contours of a natural cliff overlooking the cerulean Aegean and the enchanting whitewashed town of Mykonos, Cavo Tagoo has a a chic-barefoot style that marries perfectly with the jaw dropping bluer-than-blue sea views.  Relaxation is the first, second, third and last priority with the biggest decisions of the day revolving around how long to spend at the indulgent poolside breakfast or bask by the hundred-foot-long stunner of a saltwater infinity pool, which cocktail to choose at the Aquarium bar or treatment to pick in the luxurious spa.

Cavo Tagoo

Cavo Tagoo

Hospes Maricel, Mallorca
A boutique hotel where elegant style and modern luxury rule. Inside lots of wood and traditional design elements blend with natural fabrics and cool beige tones to contrast brilliantly against the blue Mediterranean and create a warm inviting vibe.  Outside lie by the pool which disappears off into the Med, sink into a deep wicker armchair on the seafront arcade or choose an indulgent open-air spa treatments down in the caves just above the lapping waves … this is the stuff of perfect holidays…

Hospes Maricel's pool falls into the Med

Hospes Maricel’s pool falls into the Med

La Bandita, Tuscany
Once a derelict farm with cows in what is now the reception, La Bandita is a gorgeous honey coloured luxury boutique bolthole.  With stunning panoramic views over the Val d’Orcia, a two thousand acre UNESCO World Heritage nature reserve of rolling hills and fields, this is an oasis of rural calm and luxurious tranquility, from the infinity pool and casually thrown white drapes and canvas sun loungers to the airy and bright bedrooms. This is indeed a splendid spot of isolation with a friendly, convivial atmosphere.
La Bandita

Want more? Take a look at our Poolside Collection or if you are a wannabe dolphin check out our Beachside selection of boutique hotels.

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