What to pack for a family holiday

Sometimes the thought of packing everything for your impending family holiday can be quite daunting. The list of stuff that is needed just keeps on growing and at the same time, the size of your suitcase seems to shrink in front of your very eyes. So here are our recommendations on what to pack for a successful family holiday.

• Find out what weight restrictions apply to luggage. Most airlines will take a buggy and car seat with no charge but do you know how many bags can you check in or their maximum weight – and how about the number and size of hand luggage pieces. Once you know, stick to the limit as going over it can be expensive.

Check luggage limits

Check luggage limits

• Make a list of things to take. Don’t be scared of a giant list, use it as a way to help you prioritise (because the reality is you probably won’t be able to take everything, no not even the Dyson fan) plus when you actually get around to packing, ticking things off as you go means you won’t forget anything important.

To do and to pack list

To do and to pack list

• Try to work out how many changes of clothes your kids will need. Little ones normally need a few extra and also look into whether you can wash clothes whilst you are away as this will really reduce the amount you have to take.

Lists will help prioritise what you need so everything fits first time

Lists will help prioritise what you need so everything fits first time

• Pack your hand luggage with the obvious essentials such as phone, passports, and tickets as well as snacks and drinks (if allowed), your child’s favourite toy or comforter and don’t forget a book or magazine for yourself.

Pack hand luggage wisely. Don't forget teddy or your passports

Pack hand luggage wisely. Don’t forget teddy or your passports

• A brilliant space saving tip for your suitcase is to roll clothes tightly then stuff socks into shoes and put liquids into plastic bags to guard against any spills or leaks. If you are arriving during the day, pack summer clothes or swimwear at the top, put nightwear if you are arriving during the evening.

Other top tips include:
Check passports are still valid at least two months before your holiday, charge electronic items before leaving (especially iPads if they are going to be used as a tool to keep little ones occupied on the journey) and put a spare set of keys for your suitcase lock in your partner’s hand luggage (just in case).

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